Exoskeletons - prevent incapacity for work, long-term effects and absences actively

Exoskeletons are technical support systems that are attached to the body of the employee. They are intended to support employees in physically strenuous work, for example by lifting part of the load. The exoskeleton can be thought of as an outer skeleton that offers the human body an additional support structure, but also uses the built-in technology to lift part of the weight that the employee has to lift. With this externally attached support structure, exoskeletons relieve your employees and thus maintain employee health. They also lead to more safety at work.

Your benefits

  • Relief for employees

  • Increased safety at work

  • Support for employee health

Exoskeletons - Solutions for your Company

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Exoskeletons - Areas of Appilcation

Exoskeletons were originally developed for military use and also in the context of robotics. Today they are available as a solution for tasks in various industries.

Exoskeletons are primarily used to support physical work. But they are also used in healthcare:

Exoskeletons can be used to relieve paramedics when transporting the sick or to assist nurses when moving patients.

In production, exoskeletons relieve employees when working overhead and by providing support when lifting tools.

In logistics, the use of exoskeletons is particularly recommended when lifting heavy goods. The use of exoskeletons makes it much easier to pass on heavy objects, stack them and rearrange them.